Basics to dress cute this 2020

I felt like you are definitely of one I haven’t done one in quite a while so I went ahead and put together I think it’s about 20 pieces here including shoes that’s gonna give you guys a great winter capsule wardrobe so in my opinion a capsule wardrobe are just those basic pieces that you can mix and match like a million different ways to create outfits really easily and really fast in the morning but still look really stylish put together and chic every single day tons of inspiration in this video so if you are excited please give this one a thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel please subscribe I make new videos every week on fashion beauty lifestyle and everything in between so definitely subscribe so you don’t miss out let’s go ahead and get started so what I’m gonna do is go piece by piece and explain why I think it’d be a great addition to a capsule wardrobe and how you can kind of mix and match everything and then you guys will see a ton of overlays or you can actually see the outfit to put together with the shoes with the accessories and everything.

Cute OUTFITS for teenage girls

I’ll throw in some tips and tricks in the mix in there as well so starting off with the first thing I actually feel like pants are probably the biggest like portion here just because you want to have things that you can really build off of and I feel like starting with the pants you want to wear help you kind of build that base of your wardrobe so the first thing and something I’m sure a lot of you guys already have that’s just a really great pair of blue denim that just fit you great that you feel great in for me I work from home I’m a mom my lifestyles a lot more casual so I love throwing on jeans but I still want to look stylish a lot of times I have meetings or appointments where I’m going to and from and I want to look cute but I just want to be comfortable in my jeans so a great pair of blue jeans the ones I’m wearing and the clips here are the ones that have on now they’re from Reformation I’ll go ahead and link everything down below but just a great basic that I’m sure most if you guys have you can throw it on with t-shirts sweaters jackets dressing up with heels press it down sneakers so many different variations a pair of blue jeans is a staple no matter what time of year next up we have the black pant and we have a couple different options here the one that I’m going to be showing you guys today is a black leather pant I feel like in the winter every year leather is like a staple for me I just love leather pants I just feel like they kind of give every look and edgy vibe but you can still style them just like you would a pair of like a regular black pants so if you’re not into the leather go ahead and envision these outfits with just plain black pants but if you are you could do a full pant like I have here these are pleather by the way they’re fake leather I think these were less than 30 bucks I’ll try to link everything high-waisted they kind of like feel and look like a jean or a trouser but they’re pants and they’re leather so I love that I also love the leather legging and I think that’s a great option too I know a lot of you guys probably already have that and wear these all the time personally I just think this it gives me a little bit more structure a little bit more coverage I like the pant option so I’ve been into it like I said I’d style these like I would a black pant one of my favorite things to do is really go from day to night and leather legging so this first outfit here you guys will see me throwing it on with just a puffy coat I can do a hat or a beanie sneakers a backpack this is totally like chic mom life running errands running around town I love this look and then you can dress it up to go up to dinner and throw on a sweater a jacket even if you have like a statement top of your you have in your wardrobe some heels it’s a great like easy outfit like if you’re going on a trip and you’re trying to pack light leather pants will save you and give you so many different options and moving on this is gonna be a wild card but I’m really excited about it because I think the whole point of someone putting together a capsule our job is just to make their life easier but they’re obviously interested in fashion and interested in having a really put together wardrobe so I think a lot of us love white jeans I wear them all spring and summer and I want to get more use out of my wife Jean so I want to start wearing them in winter I love the winter white look so what I would do is make sure you get a pair that’s high-waisted and I wouldn’t do a skinny leg I mean you could you could do whatever you want but I think I like a more of a wide leg look kind of looks like a trouser it looks like more of a dress pant but it’s a jean so you can dress it up and down but I just feel like it gives it a little bit more of that winter feel for some reason so I think white on white I think white with black I think it’s just very chic it’s a fun way to feel bright and fresh when the winter weather is just dreary and dark and it’s just something different moving onto tops the absolute very basic that I think everyone should own is just a classic white tee now this one particular is really special like I said I’m gonna go ahead and link it this took me a while to buy it because it’s a little bit of a splurge but I wear a white t-shirt six on the seven days of the week like it’s just my go-to and I’ve heard so many great things about this one specifically and it’s awesome it just like cuts off right at the right spot it lays beautifully it’s a little bit sheer but you’re not even see your bra through it it’s just a great layering piece that you can wear in the spring summer winter fall you can wear it all year round it’s I’m gonna say it’s an off-white it’s not like a true true white but I also think something great to have in your wardrobe would be a white fitted sweater or a white long-sleeve shirt that you could use as a layering piece on most colder days or if you live in a colder climate wear a little t-shirt like this just isn’t gonna be enough even on the nice winter days definitely just a long-sleeve warmer more knit type version and you can interchange with any of these outfits that you guys are seeing and we could do a white t-shirt without doing a black t-shirt here too another one of my tips for you guys is when you’re creating a winter capsule wardrobe and any Cold War drill you want to have a color scheme so for me this year I did white black tan and denim for me I just feel like that can all be mixed and matched really easily I could do those more girly feminine looks with the lighter colors I could do them more edgy looks with the black colors or mix-and-match them together so I always love to do some light some dark just get that little pallet of like three to five colors and I feel like you’d be set and be able to get a lot of different pieces mixed together so speaking of denim I went ahead and added a denim shirt to the mix here so like I said it’s one of the colors in my palette of course have it in my jeans but I thought why not add a denim top I’ve been seeing this here and there a little bit on Instagram and just in the fashion world and I just love the way it looks I feel like I used to really be into denim shirts gosh maybe six seven years ago and I think they’re making a comeback specifically over size so I’m not gonna personally be wearing this like as a shirt I’m going to be wearing it as a layering piece almost like a cardigan or like a kind of jacket but it’s a little bit more lightweight than a denim jacket and you can put your coats on top so I think it’s just one of those great pieces that can add some lightness add some different texture different tones and just kind of make it outfit really interesting and to go along with the black t-shirt just like I said for the white I wouldn’t recommend having like a long-sleeve black fitted sweater here this is kind of the one that I have you guys saw me wear the grey version of this and my video from last week the what I eat in a day it’s just a very lightweight but warm knit and it fits like a long-sleeve t-shirt so I love these definitely a staple piece so now we’ve done bottoms we’ve done tops and now I’m gonna add in those layering pieces in those warmer pieces to keep you warm during the winter weather so first up we have SURS again another piece that I was really into and then what happened was I think the style that I think the Blazers that are in style have changed and so the ones that I used to wear I just wasn’t gravitating towards them as much anymore they had bigger bolder buttons a little bit shorter a little bit more fitted and I loved that look and I think it’s a classic look but I was looking for something that was a mix between a blazer and a jacket so that’s exactly what I picked up this first one here it’s from Topshop as you can tell it completely covers my butt so it’s great with leather leggings it’s a little bit longer it’s a little bit looser it’s kind of like a mint blazer look which I love I just think the structure looks really cool it looks really effortless but it is gonna keep you a little bit warmer and it’s definitely gonna dress you up if you have meeting people on you to the office anything like that something great about this blazer is it also has a nice belt to really cinch in your waist to still give you that shape while you’re wearing an oversized piece I also went ahead and picked it up in black just to stick with my color theme here this one is a little bit more of that true like creepy blazer material I don’t even know what it is a single gold button not too much hardware again just very simple oversized this one would be great for an office great for dinner drinks whatever dress this up with jeans with your leather pants like literally anything a black blazer is an essential and I could definitely see myself wearing this into spring I would just do it with maybe shorts a denim skirt pair it with those white denim like literally so many options okay and for all you girl is living and it’s super cold climates I can’t recommend North Face enough they’re a great brand if you invest in North Face jacket you will very easily have it for the rest of your life like I’ve had some of my North Faces since I was like in my early teens and they don’t want to style they stay warm easy to take care of so I went ahead and picked this one up this year it’s actually supposed to be like their style that they had in the 90s it came back out with it so it’s a little bit shorter a little bit boxy ER I love the look so cool great for Mom like stuff super warm I wore this when we went to my oh man on vacation in the snow it was freezing and this kept me extremely warm and comfortable I love that it’s really lightweight so it’s not heavy on your shoulders or your neck and of course black I think just goes with literally everything you can add so many cute accessories and give this more of a girly buy it if you want to and then of course we had to have a statement piece in here and that is this gorgeous white faux fur jacket so I think typically when you hear about a capsule wardrobe it’s all about basics keeping it minimal and I love that but I still want to look really stylish and something about a felt for a jacket like just is my winter wardrobe dream apiece and this one is awesome it’s it’s very simple honestly it’s just plain like off-white cream of faux fur but it’s just such a statement because it’s long it’s more like a trench style it’s a little bit oversized it’s kind of chunky and it just makes a great very chic statement I give it a lot of compliments on this every time I wear it and it’s again something you could wear with the jeans wear with the pants whatever any color personally one of my favorite looks is to throw it out with sneakers and just think it’s such a interesting unexpected mix and I love the way that looks so let’s moving to some shoes and speaking of sneakers I think a white sneaker is perfect all year round but especially with these outfits so I went ahead and paired all of them with my Golden Goose sneakers these are just plain white sneakers with gray laces they do have that little blue detail on the back but I think that’s a great way to kind of incorporate your personal style maybe just your unique way of learning things and brands that you like stuff that you want to wear they also have really cute sequent star on the side I love these shoes they are extremely comfortable they kind of come worn in looking so you don’t have to worry about keeping them pristine the more warning they get the better they look and I love them I have a bunch of parrots of em they come in so many different fun like leopard prints and pinks and whites and blacks and just like literally everything I all have like awesome sequins so you can totally do a fun like statement sneaker I just think these white ones I get so much use out of them because they go with everything I’ve been trying to find a pair of black boots like this and these are amazing they are exactly what I was picturing in my head I wanted a pair of boots that again I could dress up and down but that had a very low heel but they didn’t look like I don’t know like I still want to kind of like that sexy girl box power boots but I didn’t want the hi-hi feel so these ones are awesome they like the heel is literally probably an edge the toe is super pointy leather really nice they just like it look like an extension of your leg when you wear them with the leather pants they just they’re awesome super comfortable go with everything so I have this weird thing where I can’t wear black shoes with blue jeans I don’t know why I just can’t do it something about it like whenever I try it on I just feel like something looks off but I’ve included blue jeans in this wardrobe because I feel like they’re great for winter so I’m not always gonna wear my sneakers I needed an option to wear my blue jeans when I needed a warmer shoe so I found some white boots these are awesome I’m obsessed I’ve been looking for a pair like this all season long again that very pointy toe that very little heel but they lace up I think that is so cool I love the lace-up really edgy and fun super comfortable they got these on revolve and I just think they’re awesome I’m gonna get a ton of use out of these and then when we move into spring and summer I could totally see myself wearing these with really pretty dresses really pretty rompers anything like that a great versatile shoe that can be transitioned into the next season and lastly once you get this wardrobe built and put together what I would do is go ahead take a night have like a glass of wine or some tea and throw on all these outfits in every possible way that you can and snap some pictures on your iPhone and the mere save it to an album on your phone like a little folder and then in the morning if you can’t like think of an outfit and you want to look really good you can go to that folder and you have with a hundred different cults and ideas saved and ready to go so definitely do that I will have links to everything down below please subscribe if you are new to my channel I have a really great giveaway going on if you want details on it I’ve done my Instagram on stories specifically to check that out