Is it good for women to wear suits?

Last time I wore a blazer, Sarah Jessica Parker was still wearing blazers with little fabric flowers on the lapel. So it was a while ago- We see them on Wall Street, in DC, and in some boardrooms in Hollywood. – But it’s not every day we see them on people like us. – Unless it’s, like, an interview, or, like, a wake or something. – But why is that? – Can a jacket and pants make us feel powerful?

I felt, finally, I could be taken seriously and I knew that this is
something that I wanted to bring to women as well as my community. – I see, from some of our customers, a kind of empowerment that it gives them, when they wear something
that fits their identity, and sort of just claims who they are to the world, by what they’re wearing. – The fit and the cut are most important. It needs to fit around the shoulders, and you wanna make sure that it fits around the seat. – Another big important thing to focus on is definitely the color, because even if something
fits really great if you are maybe apprehensive about the color of it, it could still sway your confidence.

If a man can feel sexy and empowered in a suit, than a woman should be able to feel that way as well, and that’s what we’re here for. (upbeat music) – This is my jacket, I think my mom bought this jacket for me from like Anthropology. It’s like a beautiful cross-section of I’m a weathercaster, and also I’m about to
marry the King of England. – I actually really like this suit. I feel like Olivia Pope, but I can’t move around in this suit. I’m not feeling mobile in this suit. – This jacket I got on sale from Nordstrom probably senior year of college. I think I got it cause I was like “I’m gonna probably maybe be working in like an office or something”. – I don’t own any suit pieces, none. (record scratching)

I tried to find anything
that would even resemble a suit and like it wasn’t even close. I just don’t own anything like that. If I ‘m gonna go out, I’m
gonna wear like a wrap dress, a pair of heels, and
like, that’s my armor.

You know, like if I had gone a different route, maybe I would be wearing stuff like this all the time. – When you change kind of how you look, you change how other people look at you. That’s what I think I learned. When I was in college, and I saw The Devil Wears Prada, I was just like “those are the people who shape the world”, and now I feel like I’m a people who shapes the world.

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