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Mens Corduroy Hats

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Explore our collection of men's corduroy hats, baseball caps and snapbacks. We have a wide selection of different styles, colours, prints and patterns to match all kinds of outfits. From hot summer holidays to winter street wear, The Cords always have the garments for your wardrobe. A single hat, t-shirt and trousers might be all you ever need in your wardrobe. That's why we produce them, and in the most interesting fabric there is - corduroy.

All our caps are designed in classic models and are made from high quality corduroy to take the timeless feel all the way to the top. We want to make sure that our garments live with our customers, and that you have the opportunity to express yourself, be creative and match our different colours with your wardrobe for all occasions. Choose a bright colour to make a statement? Turn it around to show off your urban style? Whatever you choose, our corduroy hats fit the picture.

An iconic cap is a simple way to add something extra to your look. Discover our Scandinavian designed men’s corduroy hats.