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Mens Corduroy Jackets

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Men's corduroy jackets from The Cords are an easy match to any wardrobe or outfit. Jackets that can keep you warm, cool and add that extra touch to you and your clothing. Our corduroy jackets are available in a wide selection of different fits, colours and sizes, suitable for any kind of weather you might face. All our jackets are made up entirely of the versatile fabric corduroy, one of the most durable and lovable fabrics out there. The Cords also do trousers, sweatshirts and hats in corduroy - it is simply the most interesting material we have managed to find.

From mountain hikes to urban cafés - we can’t wait to see what you find in our collection to complete your look, whoever you may want to be. Our jackets are made to endure, style and stay with you for years as you journey through life.

Jackets are without doubt the most important outdoor garment. Explore our Scandinavian designed corduroy jackets for men.