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Mens Corduroy Shirts

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Whether you are looking for a well-dressed look or a more casual look - men's corduroy shirts are the first things to look at. The shirt is an absolute essential and a wardrobe staple. We have acknowledged this at The Cords. Not only do we have a wide selection of different fits and designs to explore. Best of all, they are all made in a comfortable soft and stretchy corduroy material - one of the most durable and fashionable materials out there right now.

We always put quality first, so that you can live and last with your corduroy garment. Experiment and try to be creative with the different colours that we offer. Ranging from the dress to impress with the classic looks to the laid back, urban, aware outfit - we are confident that corduroy can match them all.

So, what look are you going for today?

The shirt is probably one of the most important garments in every man's wardrobe. Explore our Scandinavian designed corduroy shirts for men.