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Womens Corduroy Pants

Our women's corduroy trousers represent all your classic everyday style of pants, flipped into corduroy. The Cords offer a wide range of sizes, colours and fits of corduroy trousers for women - regardless of taste. We believe that a pair of trousers are the starting point of your outfit, they are the core of every woman's wardrobe. Our trousers have the casual slim fit and straight leg and the more modern look with boot cut, wide legs and step cut hem. With our wide selection of colours you always have an opportunity to surprise and to be creative.

The corduroy fabric gives you a soft and comfortable feeling and a great look. It is one of the most durable fabrics there is and can be found in all our product-categories such as jackets, sweatshirts and hats - which are perfect garments to combine with your new corduroy pants. Find your favourite pair today and update your everyday trouser collection.

Trousers are the base of your everyday outfit. Explore our Scandinavian designed women’s corduroy pants.