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Womens Corduroy Tops

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Everyone wears them - The Cords women's corduroy tops are a must for every woman's wardrobe. With infinite ways to truly express yourself, our range of tops helps you to stay true. There are millions of tops in the world but none like ours. A classic top is the most essential piece in everyone’s wardrobe. Spice up your outfit by adding the timeless fabric to your everyday basics.

These tops are made in a super thin corduroy material which gives a classic ribbed – up and down – style that makes you stand out from the crowd. We also recommend you to explore our basic jersey t-shirts with a silk hand feel that elevates your everyday look.

We believe that fabric matters. Our products, made from high quality corduroy material, are made to last and be combined for different situations or periods of your life. Combine our corduroy tops with a pair of trousers or jacket to create a casual but yet stylish look. Or why not wear a top with a shirt over it? Fashion trends come and go, but the t-shirt will always prevail.

Keep the fabulous every day look and explore our Scandinavian designed corduroy tops for women.